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Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu Ireland is the creation of Beaumont Sensei, 7th Dan Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu USKK.  It is the product of more than 30 years of training in Karate –do over thirty years under such great masters as Soke Nagamine, Hanshi Phillip Koeppel, Kyoshi William R Hayes , Hanshi Doug Perry, Kimo Wall, Sensei Sherman Harell, Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, Vince Morris amongst others. Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu International is not another branch or organisation of Matsubayashi – Ryu  or any other style, we are unique.

The Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu Ireland Karate-do Association is a group of dojo's and students that have chosen to follow the teaching of Beaumont Sensei.  Techniques are performed in a manner that results in the greatest speed and power possible without causing injury or harm to the person performing them. Over the last thirty years karate has been practised in the Hombu dojo and affiliated dojos in a traditional way focusing on the needs of the student and the importance of preserving the ‘old ways’ resulting in an organisation that can truly boast the quality of instructors and students


Our Journey through Mastsubayashi

Key aspects to Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu Karate-do are the use of natural movements, efficiency of movement, a relaxed body and more importantly the use of koshi, the combination of the hips and low back, when performing techniques. While many people talk about the importance of “koshi” to get maximum power, few truly understand the anatomy and biomechanical principals to effectively use it. It is not an exaggerated movement of the hips, but a small and often unperceivable “snap” which provides incredible power to technique. Beaumont Sensei has an unquestionable understanding of koshi andhas incorporated it into his techniques. The result is a perfect blending of tradition and science.

Beaumont Sensei has created a system in which knowledge comes first and egos and politics are not important. Over the last thirty years karate has been practised in the Hombu dojo and affiliate dojos in a traditional way focusing on the needs of the student and the importance of preserving the ‘old ways’, resulting in an organisation that can truly boast " quality" of instructors and students. As with any organisation there will always be members who leave for their own reasons , some because they could not make the commitment that being a true karate ka requires , and some because their egos lead them to believe that they are better than everyone else - who are more interested in becoming big in karate through joining a variety of karate organisations than through the hard work and development of karate itself. 99% of all Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu Ranks in Ireland were received from Beaumont Sensei up to now, and it was Beaumont Sensei who through his teacher Hanshi Phillip Koeppel was responsible for introducing many of the great masters to Ireland. Soke Nagamine, Patrick McCarthy, Vince Morris, William R Hayes, Kimo Wall and many more. While his organisation is not directly affiliated to the WMKA, we continue to follow the teachings of Soke Nagamine, his teachings and the teachings of his father. To fully appreciate the new jouney the orgainsations is commencing upon lead by Beaumont Sensei we must first look back at the past.


First Contact with Okinawana Karate
Beaumont Sensei’s journey with Okinawan karate really started in 1993, when he contacted Mr. Keoppel, the director of the United States Karate Doki (USKK)- an organisation that was set up to promote Okinawan Karate. He was invited him to come to Ireland in 1994, and after training and spending time with us, he offered our organisation membership of the Matsubayashi section within the USKK. Beaumont Sensei was the first person to teach Matsubayashi in Ireland and England, and both organisations were both keen to work together to promote Okinawan Karate to as wide an audience as possible.

Beaumont Sensei and represenstitaives from Ireland travelled to the USKK headquarters in 1994 and met with the Matsubayashi technical Board. They endorsed Mr Keoppel’s recommendation and appointed Beaumont Sensei as the European Director for the USKK. Then in 1996, Mr Keoppel contacted Beaumont Sensei to say he had developed a relationship with Takayoshi Nagamine- (the son of Shoshin Nagamine, the founder of Matsubayashi Karate).  Mr Keoppel had told him about Beaumont Sensei and the efforts that were being made in Ireland to promote and expand Matsubayashi in Ireland and Europe. Takayoshi Nagamine expressed an interest in coming to Ireland and working with Beaumont Sensei to expand his fathers teachings. When Sensei Donohoe travellled and lived in the UK he trained with George Bishop, from whom he meet Steve Woolsten and introduced Sensei Woolseten to Beaumont Sensei. Sensei Donohoe also introduced Sensei Paul Stochbury to Beaumont Sensei and strong links are contuined to this day.


Takayoshi Nagamine Sensei's First Visit to Ireland
In Spring of 1996, Takayoshi Nagamine travelled to Ireland with Sensei Keoppel. Beaumont Sensei  and his students spent 10 days training together and getting to know each other- which was the start of a relationship that lasted to the day he passed away. Before he left Ireland, Takayoshi Sensei gave Beaumont Sensei a copy a of his fathers book, The Esscence of Okinawan karate, and told Beaumont Sensei how happy he was with everything that was being done in Ireland to promote his fathers teachings- and with our efforts to spread Matsubayashi through Ireland and Europe. He told us we were welcome to become a part of his father’s organisation and because of his relationship with Mr Keoppel, he told us to continue to work with the USKK.

Strengthening of Ties between Athlone & Takayosji Sensei

Beaumont Sensei and a delegation from Matsubayahsi in Ireland went to the US Nationals in 2000, where Takayoshi Sensei, who was now head of Matsubayashi, was teaching. Beaumont Sensei and his students spent time with him again, renewing the friendship and he said he was very happy with our progress in developing Matsubayashi in Ireland and England.

In 2009, Takayoshi came on a tour of Europe promoting the 2010 Celebration for Matsubayashi in Okinawa. Some of our members travelled to France to train with him. Beaumont Sensei and his organisation welcomed him to Ireland in July/ August 2009, where he taught in the Matsubayashi International Headquarters in Athlone, which was established in 1986. Before he left Ireland, he endorsed Beaumont Sensei USKK 7th Dan Certification, in recognition of his 23yrs of service to Matsubayashi in Ireland. Some of our subsequently students attended the 2010 Celebrations in Okinawa. Sadly this was our last time to meet Takayoshi Sensei, who passed away suddently in April 2012. We are very grateful for all the knowledge and guidance that he shared with us.

Ar Dheis De go raibh a n’anama.


2014  - to Date

What we have created speaks for itself. We strive to align ourselves with individuals and organisations that helps us advance as karate people and we can then pass down through all the ranks, theres alot more to come .....